Plus Size Goth Pants

Embossed Velvet Flared Pants
$104.00 NZD
Lattice Web Legging
$76.00 NZD
Dark Fairy Palazzo Pants
$97.00 NZD $125.00 NZD
Chantilly Lace Palazzo Pants
$125.00 NZD
Embroidered Sword Legging
$97.00 NZD
Embroidered moon phase leggings
$97.00 NZD
Skeleton Snake Leggings
$71.00 NZD
Deathmoth Forest Legging
$71.00 NZD
Mushroom Embroidered Jumpsuit
$142.00 NZD
Bats Palazzo Pant
$76.00 NZD $87.00 NZD
Barbed wire Legging
$71.00 NZD
Cosmic Snake Dagger Jogger
$120.00 NZD
Snake Dagger Legging
$71.00 NZD
Praying Skeleton Leggings
$71.00 NZD
Deathmoth legging
$71.00 NZD
Broomstick Legging
$71.00 NZD
Bat Moon Phase Legging
$71.00 NZD
Velvet Legging
$61.00 NZD
Snake Palazzo Pants
$87.00 NZD
Velvet Flared Leggings
$71.00 NZD
Moon goddess mushroom legging
$71.00 NZD
Spiderweb Legging
Sold Out
Velvet and Lace Bike Shorts
$56.00 NZD
Burgundy Velvet Legging
$46.00 NZD $61.00 NZD
Emerald Velvet Legging
$46.00 NZD $61.00 NZD
Purple Velvet Legging
$61.00 NZD
Burgundy Velvet Flared Leggings
$58.00 NZD $78.00 NZD
Emerald Velvet Flared Legging
$58.00 NZD $78.00 NZD
Purple Velvet Flared Leggings
$78.00 NZD
Snake Embroidered Plush Jogger
$92.00 NZD
Celestial Velvet Flared Legging
$74.00 NZD $87.00 NZD
Snake in the Grass Legging
$81.00 NZD
Dragonfly & Centipede Legging
$71.00 NZD
Purple Lattice legging
$76.00 NZD

Who wears the pants? You do, of course. Make a statement wearing any of the pants from our plus size goth pants collection. Slip into some phantasmagoric Snake Palazzo Pants or spooky Snake Floral Leggings and own the night like a true rebel.  

Deathly, dark, and devastatingly cool, our collection varies from baggy to tight, sheer to short. Whatever melancholic mood is flowing through your veins, we have the fashion to match. The Embroidered Moon Phase Leggings literally provide exactly what you need for all your witchy phases. 

Whether you pair your new pants with one of our plus size gothic tank tops or layer them beneath a freakishly fashionable dress, your look will be perfectly morbid in all the right ways. Complete the look with some vampy accessories like a spiked choker

The clothes may be dark, but you’ll feel golden in our high-quality fabrics, detailed with unique designs that are produced locally when available. Midnight Hour knows how to provide the perfect goth embellishments to dress our customers like the romantic rebels that they are. Stock up today!