Goth Dresses

Murder of Crows Shirt Dress
$130.00 NZD
Bat Embroidered Romper
$142.00 NZD
Forest Witch Henley Dress
$109.00 NZD
Impish Fairy Dress
$137.00 NZD
Dark Ballerina Dress
$110.00 NZD
Mesh Fairy Hem Dress
$87.00 NZD
Metamorphosis Mesh Dress
$130.00 NZD
Velvet Cocktail Dress
$94.00 NZD
Burgundy Velvet Midi Dress
$102.00 NZD $137.00 NZD
Black Velvet Midi Dress
$102.00 NZD $137.00 NZD
Green Witch Wrap Dress
$97.00 NZD $125.00 NZD
Knot Front Fishnet Dress
$97.00 NZD $122.00 NZD
Victorian Brocade Dress
$130.00 NZD
Bat Collar Shirt Dress
$114.00 NZD
Green Chantilly Lace Dress
$107.00 NZD $142.00 NZD
Embroidered Bats Cold Shoulder Dress
$66.00 NZD $94.00 NZD
Chantilly Lace Wrap Dress
$96.00 NZD $120.00 NZD
Botanical Midi Dress
$130.00 NZD
Cracked Paint Shirt Dress
$97.00 NZD $130.00 NZD
Dark Forest Midi Dress
$130.00 NZD
Celestial Wrap Dress
$97.00 NZD $130.00 NZD
Fishnet Little Black Dress
$104.00 NZD
Sweatshirt Layering Dress
$104.00 NZD
Embossed Velvet Fringe Dress
$130.00 NZD
Floral Mesh Midi Dress
$104.00 NZD
Forest Findings Sundress
$61.00 NZD $87.00 NZD
Scorpion Embroidered Dress
$114.00 NZD
Dark Fairy Dress
$114.00 NZD
Creepy Cottage Button Up Romper
$92.00 NZD $122.00 NZD
Creepy Cottage Dress
$92.00 NZD $122.00 NZD
Mushroom Embroidered Jumpsuit
$142.00 NZD
Smocked Midi Sundress
$94.00 NZD $117.00 NZD
Velvet Staple Dress
$81.00 NZD
Velvet Fringe Dress
$104.00 NZD
Spine Back Midi Dress
$104.00 NZD
Scorpion Wrap Dress
$99.00 NZD $130.00 NZD
Ombre Bats Dress
$73.00 NZD $104.00 NZD
Embroidered Bats Babydoll Dress
$92.00 NZD

Babydoll, midi, skater…what’s your poison? At Midnight Hour, we have all manner of goth dresses to suit your alternative sensibilities. So elevate your little black dress with our sultry velvet staple dress, reveal your inner mystic with our esoteric lace-up dress, or turn all the heads when you wear our off-shoulder applique dress. Browse styles with fringe, delicate embroidery, and styles with striking designs that are as beautiful as they are spooky. Whatever your personal style may be, act fast, as our pieces sell out fast to our devoted customers. We use quality fabrics with generous cuts making our dresses flattering for all body types. 

Most orders ship within 1 to 2 days of purchase, so you won’t have to wait long for your new goth pieces. If you have any questions about these dresses or anything else in our inventory, you can easily reach us by email at