Goth Sweaters

Ancient Relics Sweater
$99.00 NZD
Barbed Wire Cardigan
$99.00 NZD
Embroidered Scorpion Sweater
$99.00 NZD
Ivory Distressed Sweater
$99.00 NZD
Forest Witch Cardigan
$89.00 NZD
Forest Witch Pullover Sweater
$65.00 NZD
Embroidered Poncho Sweater
$139.00 NZD
Joy Division Intarsia Sweater
$149.00 NZD
Cemetery Cardigan
$140.00 NZD
Hypno Bat Cardigan
$89.00 NZD $140.00 NZD
Spiderweb Sweater
$89.00 NZD $140.00 NZD
Creepy Crawly Sweater
$89.00 NZD $140.00 NZD
Drop Stitch Stripe Cardigan
$110.00 NZD
Drop Stitch Distressed Sweater
$99.00 NZD
Frankenstein Cardigan
$89.00 NZD $132.00 NZD
Skull Button Cardigan
$115.00 NZD
Bat Embroidered Lightweight Sweater
$115.00 NZD
Embroidered Moon Phase Cardigan
$115.00 NZD
Midnight Hour digital gift card
from $83.32 NZD

Midnight Hour offers a full line of wickedly beautiful goth sweatshirts, sherpa hoodies, witchy cardigans, hooded cloaks, and velvet capes that will charm even the darkest heart. We look out for all the witches and ghouls by offering a varied selection of women’s, men’s, and unisex styles ranging from XS to 4XL. Our hoodies and sweatshirts feature original art designed here in Los Angeles. We are constantly updating our dark aesthetics so you can update your goth looks, but we always stay true to our top sellers: spiderwebs, pentacles, bats, ribcages, and forest witch designs. Stay warm and stand out in the midnight hour with one of our goth sweatshirts, and complement your already dark wardrobe. 

At Midnight Hour, we make it easy to never leave the coffin. You can acquire these coveted goth pieces from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to send your best ghoul or witch a gift card too! We accept most major payment methods—including credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal—and we offer fast, affordable shipping from California on every order.