Embroidered Relics Zip Up Hoodie
Dhs. 209.00 AED
Magician Tarot Zip Up Hoodie
Dhs. 220.00 AED
Moon Phase Lace Sweatshirt
Dhs. 250.00 AED
Magical Herbs Lace Hoodie
Dhs. 284.00 AED
Snake Embroidered Plush Jogger
Dhs. 209.00 AED
High Priestess Tarot Unisex Hoodie
Dhs. 220.00 AED
Moon Tarot Gold Foil Unisex Hoodie
Dhs. 220.00 AED
Cosmic Snake Plush Embroidered Hoodie
Dhs. 165.00 AED Dhs. 220.00 AED
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Blanket
Dhs. 247.00 AED
Coven Leader Pajama Set
Dhs. 146.00 AED
Mystical Herbs lace Hoodie
Dhs. 276.00 AED
Unisex Coven Leader PJ Set
Dhs. 165.00 AED
Cozy Fleece Unisex Robe
Dhs. 209.00 AED
Forest Witch Sherpa Blanket
Dhs. 105.00 AED Dhs. 209.00 AED
Scorpion Embroidered Sweatshirt
Dhs. 258.00 AED
Mystic Rose Unisex Jogger
Dhs. 209.00 AED
Forest Witch Lace Hoodie
Dhs. 276.00 AED
Cosmic Snake Dagger Jogger
Dhs. 273.00 AED
Deathmoth Bralette
Dhs. 109.00 AED
Moon Phase Bralette
Dhs. 109.00 AED
Never Trust the Living Sherpa Crop Hoodie
Dhs. 68.00 AED Dhs. 220.00 AED
Dagger sword Jogger
Dhs. 209.00 AED
Spellbound moon hoodie
Dhs. 273.00 AED
Bat Cat Hoodie
Dhs. 220.00 AED
Deathmoth Jogger
Dhs. 194.00 AED
Spine Cloak
Dhs. 295.00 AED
Velvet and Lace Bike Shorts
Dhs. 127.00 AED
Midnight Hour digital gift card
from Dhs. 186.40 AED

Our goth loungewear is great for sulking around the house or braving the outside world. When cozier attire is in order, our collection of dark aesthetic loungewear gives you the comfort you’re seeking without dampening your creative expression. Browse hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and other dark and cozy apparel including our cardigans and kimonos. Dress these pieces up or down; either way they are going to become some of your favorite go to pieces. 

If going outside isn’t in the cards, wrap up in one of our super lush sherpa blankets. All have custom graphics and colors to match any of your moods. Now your home can match your mindset. Need some style inspiration? Check out our Lookbook. Be sure to also follow us on Instragram to keep up with the latest styles in goth loungewear and beyond. We love to see your personal style so don't forget to share!