Goth Tank Tops

Fishnet Bralette
Dhs. 116.00 AED
Dark Fairy Bodysuit
Dhs. 161.00 AED
Mock neck crop tank
Dhs. 101.00 AED
Purple Velvet Top
Dhs. 124.00 AED Dhs. 161.00 AED
Gold Foil Snake Halter
Dhs. 101.00 AED Dhs. 135.00 AED
Emerald Velvet Lace Top
Dhs. 124.00 AED Dhs. 161.00 AED
Black Velvet Top
Dhs. 116.00 AED Dhs. 153.00 AED
Burgundy Velvet Drape Top
Dhs. 116.00 AED Dhs. 153.00 AED
Victorian Lace Halter
Dhs. 120.00 AED
Spine Tank
Dhs. 172.00 AED
Barbed wire Tie Tank
Dhs. 131.00 AED Dhs. 220.00 AED
Spider Tank
Dhs. 49.00 AED Dhs. 161.00 AED
Barbed wire Bralette
Dhs. 127.00 AED
Embroidered Snake Tank
Dhs. 176.00 AED
Snake Halter
Dhs. 127.00 AED
Ombre Bats Off Shoulder Top
Dhs. 83.00 AED Dhs. 138.00 AED
Midnight Hour digital gift card
from Dhs. 186.40 AED
Pentacle Moth Lace Tank
Dhs. 90.00 AED Dhs. 131.00 AED
Deathmoth Bralette
Dhs. 109.00 AED
Moon Phase Bralette
Dhs. 109.00 AED
Fishnet Armwarmer Coffin Top
Dhs. 42.00 AED Dhs. 142.00 AED

Midnight Hour is all about embracing the unique, the bold, the mystical, and our goth tank tops are no exception. Explore traditional tanks with macabre and esoteric designs, cropped tops in lush fabrics and details, or one of our custom lace bralettes with our signature death moth and moon phase art. Pair them with one of our goth skirts, or match them with all of your favorite wardrobe styles to create a look that’s completely your own. 

Our goth tank tops cover a wide spectrum of spooky styles. Whether you love creepy, witchy, boho, or romantic patterns, you’re sure to find a tank that makes your dark heart flutter. Check out our Lookbook and follow us on Instagram to see just how far you can take these unique styles.