Short hair, and especially stick-straight hair, provides interesting possibilities for creating eye-catching goth hairstyles. With the right products and a little imagination, you can come up with styles that are sexy, daring, rebellious, and liberating.

If you don’t already have short hair, you can use some scissors or a razor to create the perfect look. Once you’re happy with the length, play around with colors, gels, hair sprays, and accessories to style your hair in a way that’s uniquely you.

1. Gothic Hairstyles That Are Built Around Color

No matter the length of your locks, a dye job will always give you a new look. And why stop at one monochromatic color when you can have them all? The best part of coloring your hair is that you can have it done or do it yourself, and you can choose the color or colors that speak to your spooky and rebellious heart. 

Dark or pastel, vivid or white as a ghost, there are so many colors to experiment with. Black is a classic choice for hair color, but you can also explore shades of dark purple, deep red, or even vibrant colors like blue or green for a more daring look. Ombre or highlights with contrasting colors can also add an interesting touch. Be playful and daring while exploring the light and dark sides of color. 

2. Spikes, Textures, and Fun With Shears

If you have a shorter haircut, you can style it by adding texture or spikes to create a more edgy and rebellious look. Use hair gel or wax to spike up certain sections or to create a messy, tousled appearance. Channeling the influence of early punks, spiking your hair and creating mohawks and rigid angles can serve as a metaphor for your own sharp edges. 

Texture is in the hands of the creator. Experiment with products that allow you to sculpt and mold your hair into your own work of art. Cut, chop, shape, and create short hair with a signature style that speaks to your own unique aesthetic. A gothic hairdo is whatever hairstyle your dark goth heart desires.

3. Long Hair or Chop, Chop, Bangs

Betty Page solidified the way a woman could make bangs sexy. The curvaceous pin-up model of the 1950s has inspired decades of women to chop their own bangs for some flirty fun. Today, trying out different types of bangs can enhance your gothic style. 

Side-swept bangs can add a touch of mystery, while blunt or choppy bangs can create a more dramatic and intense look. Alternatively, you could try longer, wispy bangs that can be styled to fall across your forehead asymmetrically.

If bangs are too much of a commitment, layers can be a good compromise. Consider getting a haircut with choppy layers to add volume and dimension to your short hair. This style can give your hair an asymmetrical and jagged look, which often complements gothic aesthetics.

4. Let the Razor Do the Walking

Remember that the head and the hair on it is a blank canvas. What better way to manipulate that canvas than drawing on it with a hair razor to create a goth hairstyle? 

  • If you're open to more extreme styles, consider an undercut or adding shaved designs to your short hair. 
  • Shaving one side or the back of your head can create a striking contrast while allowing you to showcase your gothic personality through goth hair. 

Be it a little shorter or totally bald, a short haircut can get continuously shorter all over or just in certain areas—the choice is yours. A great gothic hairstyle may be waiting at the end of a sharp razor.

5. Sleek and Sharp Gothic Hairstyle Ideas

If you prefer a classic and timeless look, opt for a sleek and sharp pixie cut. Keep your hair short and styled with a straightener or smoothing serum to achieve a smooth and polished appearance. Add a deep side part for added asymmetry and sophistication. An ultra-short cut is daring and screams the message that it is “your hair and your rules.” 

6. Mohawks and Fauxhawkes

Create a bold statement by styling your hair into a mohawk or faux hawk. Shave or trim the sides of your hair, leaving a strip of longer hair in the center. Spike up the longer section with hair gel or wax to achieve a dramatic and rebellious look. This is just the beginning. Add accessories and dye to create the ultimate hair masterpiece that pays homage to the punks of the past while asserting your independent and unique style. 

Beyond the traditional hawkes, you can also make dark angel wings with your hair. This feathered pony look adds drama and mystery—the perfect combo for an underworld-inspired hairstyle. 

7. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Before taking the leap into shaving, sculpting, or chopping, you can always ease in with unique accessories to diversify your everyday style. Accessories can transform you from bland to badass with the simple addition of a headband or clip.

For example, you can easily add gothic flair to your short hairstyle with a goth flower crown, Cat Ears Headband, or a skull bandana. Every day can be a new adventure, letting you explore and express your personal style. A goth girl is a girl who takes creative risks. 

Short and Sinister

A bold cut can be a fresh start, a new beginning, and a statement all at the same time. Nothing tells the world that you play by your own rules like a short and dramatic haircut with some edge. When your hair is short, the possibilities for a gothic hair style are endless: dye it, shave it, dress it up, spike it up. It’s your hair, do what you want. 

Once you dare to take control with a unique and exotic look, you are ready to adorn yourself with Midnight Hour clothing and rule the night. For the final touch, add some dark makeup for a goth style that transforms you into the darkest version of yourself.

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