Goth Hoodies

Moon Phase Lace Sweatshirt
$93.00 CAD
Studded Mineral Washed Hoodie
$92.00 CAD
Studded Denim Jacket
$123.00 CAD
Death Tarot Zip Up Hoodie
$69.00 CAD $92.00 CAD
Spine Cloak
$110.00 CAD
Bat Cat Hoodie
$82.00 CAD
Pentacle Lace Sweatshirt
$36.00 CAD $93.00 CAD
Mystical Herbs lace Hoodie
$103.00 CAD
Forest Witch Lace Hoodie
$103.00 CAD
Embroidered Moon Phase Cardigan
$96.00 CAD
Spellbound moon hoodie
$101.00 CAD
Alchemy Cloak
$105.00 CAD $151.00 CAD
Dark forest brushed cardigan
$65.00 CAD $96.00 CAD
Midnight Hour digital gift card
from $69.00 CAD

Our Midnight Hour hoodies are anything but basic. No matter your size or alt style, we have what you want. All of our goth hoodies are made with high quality materials, one of a kind art and unique details. You will definitely stand out in the darkness with these dark aesthetic pieces. We offer men’s, women’s and unisex sizing in most of our sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, jackets and t-shirts. Our gothic hoodies collection will make you want to show off in the dead of night with black lace yokes, witchy goth graphics, goth punk black and white stripes and metal details. If you love our goth graphic t-shirts then you will love our plush hoodies, making sure whatever you put on doesn’t cover up your dark spirit. Don’t forget to check out our “Get the Look” section for some dark aesthetic inspiration. Whether you are into boho goth, witchy goth, or romantic goth, we have styles and designs to make all your ghouls and witches jealous with our custom bat embroidery and esoteric patterns. Don’t forget to check out our Midnight Hour punk goth and pastel goth pieces as well. We have all your moods covered in this collection.