Plus Size Goth Clothes

Spine Cardigan
$91.00 SGD
Emerald Velvet Cocktail Dress
$78.00 SGD
Studded Denim Jacket
$121.00 SGD
Knot Front Fishnet Top
$64.00 SGD
Midnight Hour gift card
from $67.85 SGD
Burgundy Velvet Midi Dress
$113.00 SGD
Knot Front Fishnet Dress
$101.00 SGD
Gold Foil Dagger Legging
$67.00 SGD
Black Velvet Midi Dress
$113.00 SGD
Bat Collar Shirt Dress
$94.00 SGD
Fishnet Rib Top
$72.00 SGD
Victorian Brocade Top
$86.00 SGD
Cropped Wide Leg Jeans
$90.00 SGD
Black Velvet Top
$56.00 SGD
Spine Back Button Up Shirt
$91.00 SGD
Burgundy Velvet Drape Top
$56.00 SGD
Vintage Shirred Top
$59.00 SGD
Victorian Brocade Dress
$108.00 SGD
Forest Witch Plush Jogger
$76.00 SGD
Cozy Fleece Unisex Robe
$76.00 SGD
Unisex Coven Leader PJ Set
$60.00 SGD
Coven Leader Pajama Set
$53.00 SGD
Magical Herbs Long Sleeve Top
$51.00 SGD
Emerald Velvet Legging
$51.00 SGD
Burgundy Velvet Legging
$51.00 SGD
Green Chantilly Lace Dress
$117.00 SGD
Green Witch Maxi Skirt
$89.00 SGD
Gold Foil Snake Halter
$49.00 SGD
Coffin ghost t-shirt
$43.00 SGD
Green Witch Wrap Dress
$104.00 SGD
Spiderweb Sweater
$114.00 SGD
Sweatshirt Layering Dress
$86.00 SGD

Midnight Hour is all about embracing our customers' uniqueness. We offer almost all of our styles in a broad size range to ensure all our witches and ghouls can represent our Midnight Hour dark aesthetic pieces. Our plus size alternative clothing combines quality and comfort with our one-of-a-kind goth art and witchy designs. Our sizes range from XS to 4XL in most styles. Our leggings are super soft and stretchy, featuring witchy graphics and custom embroidery. Our Midnight Hour plus size goth dresses and tunics will enhance any dark look you are going for. We offer a variety of plus size tops so you are guaranteed to make all the dead eyes stare. Whether you want to embrace your boho goth side or any other dark aesthetic vibe, we have you covered with the fit and quality you want in your dark alt look. Don’t forget to complete the look with our goth accessories. A chain or studded purse fits with any goth style, and our reversible cat ears are the perfect play piece to transform your alternative look.