Plus Size Goth Dresses

Bewitched Dress
$109.00 CAD
Bat Embroidered Romper
$118.00 CAD
Metamorphosis Mesh Dress
$109.00 CAD
Murder of Crows Shirt Dress
$109.00 CAD
Impish Fairy Dress
$114.00 CAD
Dark Ballerina Dress
$92.00 CAD
Mesh Fairy Hem Dress
$73.00 CAD
Knot Front Fishnet Dress
$81.00 CAD $102.00 CAD
Velvet Cocktail Dress
$79.00 CAD
Floral Mesh Midi Dress
Sold Out
Celestial Velvet Dress
$95.00 CAD
Burgundy Velvet Midi Dress
$86.00 CAD $114.00 CAD
Black Velvet Midi Dress
$86.00 CAD $114.00 CAD
Victorian Brocade Dress
$109.00 CAD
Celestial Wrap Dress
$109.00 CAD
Bat Collar Shirt Dress
$95.00 CAD
Green Chantilly Lace Dress
$90.00 CAD $118.00 CAD
Chantilly Lace Wrap Dress
$80.00 CAD $101.00 CAD
Embossed Velvet Fringe Dress
$109.00 CAD
Sweatshirt Layering Dress
$87.00 CAD
Botanical Midi Dress
$109.00 CAD
Dark Forest Midi Dress
$109.00 CAD
Cracked Paint Shirt Dress
$81.00 CAD $109.00 CAD
Embroidered Bats Cold Shoulder Dress
$55.00 CAD $79.00 CAD
Velvet Staple Dress
Sold Out
Fishnet Little Black Dress
$87.00 CAD
Scorpion Embroidered Dress
$95.00 CAD
Dark Fairy Dress
$95.00 CAD
Creepy Cottage Button Up Romper
$31.00 CAD $102.00 CAD
Smocked Midi Sundress
$79.00 CAD $98.00 CAD
Embroidered Bats Babydoll Dress
$73.00 CAD
Spine Back Midi Dress
$87.00 CAD

Every night is the perfect night for a black dress. No matter what look you're going for—sexy, boho, casual—we have the style for you. Our plus size goth dresses are suitable for every dark occasion, no matter the mood you want to embrace. 

Channel your inner vamp with an Ombre Bats Dress, or toil the night away in a Velvet Bat Jumper Dress. If the Wednesday look is more your speed, a collared babydoll like our Bat Collar Dress will keep you creepy and kooky. If simplicity is more your style, go for a Velvet Staple Dress to show off your assets–like your tattoos, piercings, and the many goth accessories from our shop.

Our dresses are designed to transform every wearer into a dark vixen, and each one is made from high-quality fabrics that feel great on every body type. These dresses are sure to stop some hearts and drain the blood from anyone who catches a glimpse of your edgy aesthetic. 

Build your own “creature of the night” look with one of our dresses, and the rest of your ghoulish night is bound to be a scream.