Goth Skirts

Murder of Crows Maxi Skirt
$101.00 AUD
Metamorphosis Mesh Skirt
$82.00 AUD
Floral Mesh Midi Skirt
$87.00 AUD
Green Witch Maxi Skirt
$101.00 AUD
Dark Night Maxi Skirt
Sold Out
Dark Forest Split Skirt
$95.00 AUD
Scorpion Skirt
$67.00 AUD $95.00 AUD
Barbed Wire Midi Skirt
$67.00 AUD $98.00 AUD
Moon Phase Midi Skirt
$22.00 AUD $70.00 AUD
Lace Up Skater Skirt
Sold Out
Celestial Midi Skirt
$67.00 AUD $98.00 AUD
Dark Fairy Mesh Skirt
$61.00 AUD

Our Goth skirts are adorned with patterns and details containing witchy forest findings, punk red and black patterns, romantic lace, sultry velvet and vegan leather, and creepy designs that are just a little bit wicked. They make the perfect complement to our short-sleeve tees and goth tank tops, and they command attention wherever they go

Most of our goth skirts are manufactured in local Los Angeles factories, and all of our apparel is designed by the Midnight Hour team. Whether you like your skirts short, long, elegant, or shocking, Midnight Hour has what you’re looking for.